Table Pouring Leftover Food


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Map leftovers

- Stainless steel tables are heavily used in the kitchen such as: hotel kitchen, school kitchens, industrial kitchens, hospital kitchens ... etc.
- Tables are manufactured according to standards of hygiene and safety Food and process technologies according to the quality standard ISO 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company achieved
- Tables are designed and manufactured using imported stainless steel.
- There are 01 parking surface wellhead leftovers, have a certain rear 200mm.
- 06 foot stainless steel cylinder with stainless steel tightener are governed.
- Stainless steel pipes supporting leg brace around 25x25mm square.
- Size reference: D1800 x R600 x C800 (mm)
    (All margin of error of ± 10 mm allowed)
(We produce the size according to the needs and specifications of our customers use)
* Products are shocked, flanging machine dedicated hydraulic shock.
* The welds are welded by argon against oxidation phenomena.
* Warranty 12 months free
* In addition to the warranty period we still maintained as required by the customer