Hand sink pupils


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: INN 304B


: 1023

                HAND WASHING TAP 05

- Tank is designed and manufactured according to company standards Inox NhanNghia.

- Pipe bracing around the square 25x25 mm stainless steel supporting leg.

- Legs are stainless steel cylindrical  Ø38 mm.

- At the foot office with anti-scratch rubber stopper.

- Tanks with filtered exhaust the trash, the number of taps used on demand.

- Size Reference: D2000 x R400 x C650 / 850 (mm)

(All margin of error of ± 10 mm allowed)

* Products are shocked, flanging machines dedicated hydraulic shock.

* The welds are welded by Argon gas against oxidation phenomena.

* Warranty 12 months absolutely free.

* In addition to the warranty period we still maintained as required by the customer.

   Very pleased to serve customers !.