Inox staircase - glass


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Stainless steel staircase - glass

1 / Product description:

Head: Head 304 stainless steel

Temper glass: 10ly

Railings: stainless steel 304

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Surface: Smooth ball

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2 / Set the properties of stainless steel

- Higher corrosion resistance

- Resistance to chemicals and corrosion Oy

- High-speed forging hardening

- Reliability Hot higher

- Greater flexibility

- Hardness and higher reliability

- The low-temperature toughness better

- Reactions from inferior (only austenitic steels)

- The fact that the right properties for austenitic steel and can vary quite a lot for their steel and other steel.

- Stainless steel (stainless steel) is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. However, choosing the right type and their specifications in each case is important.

3 / Set the properties of glass

- Mechanical strength

- Resistance to thermal shock

- High security

- Resistant to high temperatures

- To be the force on the surface are much higher than 5-7 times the normal float glass

- Glasses and plates and curved glass. This technique is often used today is the most rapid cooling method.