Automatic gates


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- Luxury and beauty,

- Material Stainless steel shiny and bear all the impact of weather,

- Activities smoothly with smart electric motors, wheel system and grid ratings,

- Easy to use: just one button you can close the opening is easy, ...

2. STRUCTURE: The system includes:

Stainless steel rods can be designed easily stowed,
Scroll wheel system,
Electric motors,
Flashlight signaling,
Console opens the door.
The parameters:

- Height portals: from 1.4m - 1.8m, the distance between frames is 400 ± 20 mm 2, the distance is 355mm ray Center

- Motion velocity: 5m / min

- Frame is the 25-50 box misses bent 1mm thick, between 2 bow decorated with columns standing by 25-25 1mm thick box mounted on the bearing results o45.

- Linking the main frame and decorative columns that cross spokes 25-25 1mm thick box

- Special plastic wheels with bearings in, the coupling is also used plastic aims to create a smooth motion when the gate, no cry.

- Ray 5mm thick steel V

- The electric motor: Engine 370W - 550W. Warranty 12 months (according to the warranty policy of

- Design damping function


All stainless steel gate automation system provided by are warranted for 12 months from date of put into use