Industrial gas system


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: INN 210 (Cũ: NN 244)


: 1189

 Industrial gas system

- The system should be designed and gas total production of stainless steel pipe foundry dedicated Ø27.
- Stainless steel pipes Ø22 dedicated foundry in the kitchen lead.
- 01 total US gas pressure regulator in order to save gas and increase safety.
- 02 lock cylinders shutoff of rigs total split into two branches, branches and branch prophylactic use.
- 02 clock gas pressure 10kg categories.
- 01 clock gas pressure 07kg categories
- High-pressure gas Wire dedicated to the total gas needs.
- The kitchen has a master key to timely shutoff shutoff in case of incidents and one gas output clock is used.
- 01 fire ban signs.