Fresh Meat Cutting Machine


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Fresh Meat Cutting Machine

1. Fresh Meat slicer characterized what?
- 1st, First, Health extremes yield, meat slicers can move up to 150kg / h, estimated for each meat slicers equivalent to 10-15 people in the same hand Status 1 period. - Monday, meat cutting machine has a compact design, the casing is made of thick stainless steel, the cover is easily removable frame stamping. The compact design, but brings a sense
of rugged use. - Tuesday, fresh meat cutting machine with up to 60 blades, with diameters up to the throat for the meat to 90x60mm. It is possible for the block meat from 250 - 300g. In particular, the
blade of the knife meat slicers are hardened steel, resistant and ultra-sharp break. Maybe grinding to use multiple times. - Wednesday, Equipped with a powerful engine and powerful machine run smoothly. Thus the meat cutters you can move are varied types such as fresh meat, finely diced fat in the sausage
making, sausage, grows ear, mushrooms, pork ears ...
2. Benefits of raw meat slicers is what?
- Slicers better serve the industrial kitchens, industrial food production, restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, sausage making facilities, wedding catering establishments ask ...  - Status Productivity 150kg / hr, saves you 70% of the time, 60% of employees, 90% of the effort, this is the product that is being trusted and most used in the line of meat cutters.  - The status of all flesh, as thin as standard, as well as the process of using a simple cleaning.  - The cost of affordable, rental costs only 2 people in 1 month. 3. However, fresh meat cutters are also disadvantages: - Status Only used for fresh meat, do not move the meat cooked, frozen meat or meat ingredients in many bones, cartilage, tendons and skin (fresh). - Blades fixed, not adjustable thickness. Fresh meat cutting machine with 3 knives sizes are: 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 5mm. - The process is hygienic not remove blades should be cleaned out thoroughly and daily cleaning. - Every time you remove the blade to grind salt or replacement difficult, so the company can support humanity and repair instructions and replacement services sharpening blades
4. How to use meat slicers
Step 1 : You slitter meat into small pieces according to the size you want ( 4cm x 7cm )
Step 2 : Press the switch on the side of meat slicers , then drop fresh meat into pieces . In the split and sliced meat will drift down the bottom tray
Step 3 : Cleaning and storage of the machine