Machine Created Meat


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: INN 366


: 1223


- Model : INN - 366
- Power : 220 / 380V
- Capacity: 1.1 KW
- Productivity : 295Vien / min
- Dimensions : 640x380x1230 ( mm )
- Weight : 120 kg

Machine suitable for the production facilities dumplings , fried squid, fried fish , meat grows park , bars, restaurants


Members generators are manufactured and fabricated to replace the hand- crafting of the human members with greater productivity and effective work by the regularity of food pellets
showed the need for a generator members of each collective kitchens or dining restaurant serving uong.Nhung parts in direct contact with meat made of SUS 304 steel INOX .
Mode of operation:

- The operation of the pellet plant of meat, fish is also very simple because the structure of the machine is very user friendly as it is derived from the urgent needs of the food service.
After determining the size of the park to do is we choose 2 members shaped steel sheets and fitted into the machine, after inserting two steel sheets into the machine one proceeds to put 
a pot of hot water below, followed by our dump meat was pureed into the machine through the upper funnel. Once and for all streams ingredients into a switch we proceed to operate
the machine and the machine will produce pellets of meat and fish on the eyes and on the request of the worker, very simple operation by the screw extruder of the material pushed through
two shaped steel sheets and falling Park hot pot because when raw fish meat puree having hot water will harden and shape the meat as desired member. - Before using the machine you need to use meatball grinder machine meat or meat puree to raw materials prior to spring life into the machine. After creating the park is finished, depending on the technology you can give to the cabinet to cook steamed or pan-fried, deep-fried for frying products, then let cool and put into the
packaging for the product vacuum before when the product into freezers.