Dough Mixers


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: INN 294


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• The use of the mixers

 - Knead the flour , kneading wheat flour , mixed flour.

- Beat the eggs , whisk .

- Mix mixes food - In addition, the machine also can hit cotton rub , knead meat sausage .v.v

Mixers ( dough machine ) : For quick and delicious cake , the flour used machines indispensable while baking .

Mixers ( machines powder ) is the product support on behalf of the people standing kitchen mixer kitchen craft makes people stand to spend a lot of time with your mixer will be supported by faster , more consistent , and smoother , conventional powder mixer products are generally used in the canteen or the pastry shop .

Mixers (dough machine) not only save time or effort to do that while ensuring product quality dishes made from flour mix, dough does not dry out or which are infused spices. With modern technology Nhan Nghia mixers provide maximum power savings, and product design features of modern international style will highlight your kitchen space becomes more luxurious.

 • Features and structure of the mixers

 - The unit is powder coated so high aesthetic. The mixers will be the highlight of your kitchen added.

- The machine can be adjusted at different speeds.

- Dough mixers with 3 more reviews powder comes included as whisk whisk, more and more mixed dough and mix.

- Materials are primarily designed stainless steel are very nice and the food safety and hygiene high.