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 Type steel buildings are made of steel structures and manufactured and installed according to architectural drawings and specifications available specified. The process of making the finished product (which incorporates a monitoring and quality management) are going through 3 main stages: design, processing, construction and erection works. The entire steel structure can be produced and made available synchronized erection site in a relatively short time. These buildings often use this type of home includes: Garage, workshop, warehouse, showrooms, supermarkets, Commercial Buildings, Buildings, ...

The basic parameters to determine describes a prefabricated steel buildings

- Building width: The width of the house depending on the requirements. No limit on the width of the house. The width of the wall is calculated from the outer edge to outer edge of the wall.

- Length of: The length of the subject to request. No limit on the length of the house. The length of the wall is calculated from the outer edge to outer edge of the wall.

- Building Height: The height of the housing depending on requirements. Building height is calculated from the plinth to the roof border (intersection of religion and religious roof wall).

- Slope roof: roof slope affect the drainage of rain water on the roof. Normally, the roof slope is taken i = 15%

- Step column: Step column is the distance between the columns vertically. Step column is determined based on the length of the home and indoor use.

- Load: Calculated load acting on the work include the following types of loads: self-weight, roof live load, wind load, crane loads, load floors, load using ...

The main constituents

- The main frame (columns, steel truss)

- Ingredients Other minor structures: purlins, beams ...

- Formed Steel Plates

- Sun roof

Advantages when using prefabricated building

- Lightweight compared to other materials reduces the load pressure for the frame.

- Saving auxiliary materials (compared to the traditional fixed).

- Installation of simple, fast.

- Maximum use of warehouse space.

- Synchronization.

- Ease of scaling.

- Low cost.

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