Steam Cooker


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Steam Cooker

Specifications - Design pressure: 3.0 kg / cm2. - Working pressure: 2.5 kg / cm2. - Style: Pots 2 stainless steel cover or steel not burn. - The products include: Rice cookers (cabinet rice) soup pot, pan, pot warehouse, autoclave, hot water pot, high pot, ... Supplies steam boilers - Medium heat: Steam saturation. - Thermal efficiency: 95%. - Fuel used: coal, firewood, rice husks, oil, electricity, ... Response to 100 meals to 5,000 meals / 1 cooking Structure - Industrial cooker with cooking steam jacketed stainless steel structure or steel not burn. Inside the pot containing food,
water vapor is fed into the space between the two shells. - Outside the industrial cooker steam cooked wrapped glass wool insulation layer, the outer shell is stainless steel.
Pot is cold pressure test 5atm, recommended working pressure is 2 ~ 2.5 atm. Application - Industrial cookers cook with steam used to cook for the barracks, prison, dormitory, factories, industrial parks, companies, ...
there are large number of meals. Benefits to customers using industrial cooker steam cooking - Clean, hygienic, not worry the food poisoning. - Do not be wasted by burning rice, fried fire .... - Cost for one low rice productivity than conventional cookers. - Operating safety, less labor-consuming.