1 Wing Towel Wardrobe Electricity Use


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: INN HK04


: 1946

 1 Wing Towel Wardrobe Electricity Use 

- Steamed towel cabinets are manufactured according to standards of hygiene and safety of food and process technologies according to quality standards of ISO 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company reached.
- Wardrobe cabinet towel industry is able to absorb one hundred times to thousands of towels towels ... etc.
- Use used in industrial absorption rate zones, industrial parks, schools, hospitals ... etc.
- Cabinets are designed and manufactured using imported non-magnetic stainless steel.
- Insulating glass wool Taiwan.
- Insulate the surface 03, 02 on either side and door side hip.
- There are 01 doors, 02 key hand.
- Cabinet has 10 trays, each tray containing about 50-60 towels sealed.
- 01 temperature alarm clock, 01 liberal arts.
- Cabinets with electrical parts are first fully automatic control.
- 04 foot stainless steel cylindrical O50mm.
- Special increased 04 foot stainless steel cabinet included adjustments.
- The size cabinets Reference: R670 x D580 mm x C1620   
    (All margin of error of ± 10 mm allowed) (We produce sizes according to specifications and regulations application needs of customers)
Special high-voltage wire for soft wire kitchen is fire resistant and high-end exotic rats first company in humanity.
* Products are shocked, flanging machine dedicated hydraulic shock.
* The welds are welded by argon against oxidation phenomena.
* Products are warranted for 12 months.