Oven bowl cup


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: INN 208C


: 1615


- Oven is manufactured according to the standard and process technologies according to quality standards of ISO 9001 - 2008 of Nhan Nghia Company reached.

- The cabinet is sealed surface 03 side, 02 on the bottom and the door to avoid intrusion of insects to ensure food safety and hygiene.

- Stainless steel door frame, toughened glass windows to see the product is dried.

- The clock timer. UV sterilization lamp

- The light heat and power unit automatically.

- Moteur dedicated Plenum, resistors, heat meter.

- Cabinets with stainless steel pins bearing 04 has given rise to adjust.

- Automatic control system, using the latest electronic components available today.

- Oven temperature control according to user needs.

- There are 04 stainless steel pins  Ø42mm.

Size Reference: D1160 x R640 x C1800 (mm)

(All margin of error of ± 10 mm allows permission)

(Production by different sizes according to specifications and requirements of customers)


When the temperature in accordance with needs (red lights illuminated) Nhan Nghia oven will automatically disconnect the current to save power. 
When the temperature drops at variance with the demand, the oven will automatically Nhan Nghia normal operation. * Products are shocked, flanging machine dedicated hydraulic shock. * The welds are welded by argon against oxidation phenomena. * Products are warranted for 12 months.