Lock Gas


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: 1020

Hand ball valve switch


- Model : 1/4 , 1/2 , 3/4 , 1

- Large bore valve , screwed

-Street Lace BS - Dimensions ( mm ) : 8

- Origin : ITALIA Nhan Nghia Inox specializes in providing wholesale and retail gas supplies equipment , high-quality gas valves Inox Nhan Nghia - Unit prestige in the field of business ; installation and maintenance of equipment and supplies sectors such as valves wire Gas gas, industrial gas cylinder 45kg , 50kg , pressure regulator Level 1 Level 2 , automatic gas shutoff , gas meters , the alarm siren fixed gas, gas leak detectors , gas pipelines , gas warehouse ... of high quality, reasonable price :

Details some equipment and materials provided Nhan Nghia Inox:

Gas safety valve Wire: Rubber cords type 1, ensure the absolute safety of use. Get installing new or replacing old wiring or leaks caused by biting rodents in restaurants, hotels ...

Gas pressure regulator level 1, level 2 gas valve: Used for pressurized gas cylinders from the kitchen to use. There are many power suit each installation project.

Gas Leakage Detector Safety: Along with alarm siren and control panel and secure gas shutoff used to alarm when the problem of gas and automatic gas shutoff, ensure safety for 
fire prevention restaurants, canteens, factories and hospitals. This is the most common gas appliances in the kitchen industry. Gas appliances need to be replaced and regular maintenance to ensure safety for the enterprise.
Nhan Nghia Inox specializes in providing full-service installation as well as rehabilitation, replacement and maintenance of industrial gas systems for restaurants, hotels,
school cafeteria, hospital. You need systems to advise their kitchen gas, please contact Nhan Nghia Inox for advice and the best price.