Gas valve


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Gas valve Nhan Nghia

- Gas valve designed nhan nghia sync with stock valve cylinder and adjusting function from high gas pressure (inner cylinder) down) go out wires)
- The body of the valve casing is molded monolithic nhan nghia gas by advanced technology in order to prevent any penetration of external agents can affect the operation of the valve mechanism as water and air. ,,,
- Gas valve nhan nghia equipped automatic system cut off the gas flow from 1500lit bottle / hour to 351 liters / hour in case the incident open, or slip off the wire gas.
- Gas valve is connected directly nhan nghia with stock valve cylinder without through any other connection tool, and is designed only to connect or removed from the cylinder valve neck in the closed state (when the switch is closed / open state gas horizontal rotation). Nhan nghia gas valve can only be connected to the gas valve neck Kick 21mm

Materials: Solid Body zinc casing, head valves are manufactured using pure copper. Other details are manufactured from stainless steel, plastic and rubber tech, These materials have been carefully selected, analyzed and closely monitored in accordance with European standards, in order to protect island optimal resistance to corrosion and oxidation gas to be used efficiently and with maximum reliability.
Standard quality control of SRG achieved ISO 9001 quality standards and continuous monitoring achieved, evaluated by prestigious organizations in the world.